Welcome to QR Gym Coach, the #1 site for creating QR Codes to place on gym equipment.

QR Gym Coach is a simple yet innovative concept that is going to revolutionize the way that people workout. Think of these QR Codes as a replacement to the confusing stickers that come standard on most gym equipment. However, instead of reading a confusing diagram these codes allow people to actually watch a video of how to properly use equipment. They can also track their progress on each specific machine as well.

All in all, QR Gym Coach offers a variety of benefits for gym goers as well as gyms and personal trainers:

For Gym Goers:

  • Watch a video of how to properly use a machine instead of looking at a confusing diagram
  • Track your sets, reps & weight at the gym and then review your overall progress from home
  • Have peace of mind knowing that professional trainers are actually showing you how to properly use equipment in the gym.

For Gyms & Personal Trainers:

  • Offer an amazing service to your clients and also help boost your personal trainer sign-ups. Your customers will love it!
  • Create QR Codes for each individual piece of equipment and even for exercises that don't require any equipment.
  • Create codes using videos that we've provided or create codes using videos that you've recorded with your own trainers and your own equipment.
  • Create "QR Workout Plans" to provide to your clients.
  • Be able to tell people that you have the NEWEST technology in your gym!


Click here to see an example of our workout videos!

Lat Pulldown 2


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While lifting, try and exhale on exertion and inhale on the negative part of the repetition. For example, if you were doing chest press you would exhale as you press and inhale as you bring the weight back to the starting position. You should never hold your breath during the set.


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